AI-Enabled Agent Assessment: Now It’s a Reality


Contact center call volumes are increasing exponentially, resulting in supervisors dealing with agent assessments on more of an exception basis than as a normal course of business. While the expectations are that all agents will adhere to call scripts, manage conflicts and comply with regulations while treating customers with empathy, how do you make sure?

There Is a HUGE Gap in How Agents Are Evaluated

With the industry norm of only 5% of calls being listened to, the risks are becoming increasingly high for issues to be missed.


  • Rely on a limited, randomized approach
  • Evaluations are prone to bias and inconsistency
  • Manage by exception, usually voice only
  • The day’s realities impact the completeness of the review process

How do contact centers increase their ability to listen to and properly assess agent script adherence, regulatory compliance, conversational tone and positive customer engagement while showing empathy and respect?

AI-Enabled Analysis Delivers the Upside: Up to 100% of Calls Evaluated with Consistency

By applying consistent evaluative criteria universally, the usual complaints and issues that agents have about bias, preferential treatment, favoritism and interpersonal relationships impacting performance reviews are eliminated and put all agents on a level playing field.


  • Follows a structured, focused approach
  • Evaluations are objective, using rules-based scoring
  • Includes all voice and digital channels
  • Reviews are complete, timely, unbiased and consistent

In addition, the ability to extract, on an ongoing basis, specific examples of recurring behaviors—both positive and negative—helps both agents and supervisors identify what works and what doesn’t, eliminating another recurring issue preventing success in most contact centers.

The result is that agents will benefit from more time spent being proactively coached, leading to agents being more motivated and engaged. When properly equipped to handle any type of interaction, they’ll more easily deliver positive outcomes, consistently.

To learn more about AI-Enabled Agent Assessments and how they can significantly benefit your contact center, download our whitepaper: AI-Enabled Agent Quality Assessment Optimize Contact Center Performance.

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