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As Principal Consultant with Strategic Contact, Brian Hinton brings a highly valued combination of strategy, organizational, process, technology, and financial experience to contact center consulting. A published author and speaker, Brian routinely contributes to industry thought leadership through white papers and articles in leading industry publications and conference presentations. He has an MBA from the Harvard Business School and a BS in Business Administration from the University of Illinois. Brian is also a retired U.S. Navy Commander.
Technology: The Catalyst for Service Excellence

Technology: The Catalyst for Service Excellence

I’m pretty sure, regardless of the size of your center or company, you seek to deliver a great customer experience. And I’m willing to...
Improve the customer experience with more effective contact center routing

It’s Time to Tune Up Contact Routing

Contact center leaders often express dissatisfaction with their current technology. They think that if they’d just implement some new technology, they’d be primed to...
Contact Center Analytics in Action: Using VoC to Create a Better Experience

The Straight Scoop on Contact Center Analytics

Most contact centers know they need a more analytical approach to understanding the customer experience. In our 2017 Workforce Optimization Survey, a high percentage...
Navigating the Call Center Agent Desktop

Chart a Clear Course for Technology Selection

Technology selections without strategy, requirements and criteria are like rudderless ships that roam the sea of options without docking at the right ports. Some...
Simplifying Contact Center Remote Access

Simplifying Remote Access

The need for remote access to core contact center infrastructure continues to grow. Whether implementing a home agent program, accommodating “on the go” leaders,...
Contact Center Technology and Omnichannel Success

Will New Technology Drive Omnichannel Success?

Omnichannel is everywhere—vendor marketing, analyst articles, conference sessions, client wish lists. While touted as a new concept, it doesn’t seem all that different from...
WFM - Workforce Management in an Omnichannel Contact Center World

WFM in an Omnichannel World

In spite of the fact that nearly every “call center” is now a “contact center,” we observe little substance to the discussion—much less action—around...
Navigating the Call Center Agent Desktop

Navigating the Agent Desktop Landscape

Every contact center looks for ways to be more effective and efficient in handling customer contacts. Process improvement is a high impact opportunity. Yet...
Converging Call Center Technology Ecosystem

The Converging Technology Ecosystem

Over the years, we’ve watched key players in contact center technology change their market positioning. They want the market to take notice as their...
Smart Call Center Technology Decisions in a Changing Customer Service Market

Smart Technology Decisions in a Changing Market

As companies make decisions about sourcing for new contact center technology, a crucial question to answer is whether to pursue “best-of-breed” (BoB) solutions or...