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Mike Dershowitz is the CEO of Fair Trade Outsourcing, a people-first BPO company with service facilities in the United States, the Philippines, and Ghana. He believes that in order to fight poverty, we must use the power of the free market for good and promote moral leadership in the BPO industry.

When People Are Your Business, Behavior Is Your Product

People are more than cogs in a machine. Like it or not, a person’s history and current situation drives behavior more than workplace rules....

Moral Leadership in the Contact Center

Since the publication of my first article in Pipeline (“Don’t Ignore the Economics of Your Contact Center,” October 2018), I have tried to bring...
High Absenteeism? Consider Your Agents’ “Breaking Point”

High Absenteeism? Consider Your Agents’ “Breaking Point”

I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty frustrated by clients, prospects and some contact center managers who think that the only reason agents...

It All Begins with Good Health

If you’re reading this article on the Contact Center Pipeline blog, chances are you are in management or an executive and that sufficient health...
Create Safety in Your Contact Center

Create Safety or You’ll Never Get Performance

In his excellent 2018 book, “The Culture Code,” Daniel Coyle writes extensively about the concept of “safety” in company cultures. Coyle bifurcates all company...
The Economics of Your Contact Center

Don’t Ignore the Economics of Your Contact Center

Fair warning: Reading this article could be painful for you. Not dentist-root-canal painful, more like exercising-again-after-taking-a-longer-break-than-you-should-have painful. But it may also give you a...