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Dan Rickwalder
Dan Rickwalder is the Owner of the independent consulting firm Proactive Planning Group, which specializes in workforce planning and call center analytics.
5 WFM Things You Have to Do by Hand

5 WFM Things You Have to Do by Hand

I'm a gadget guy. If it beeps, blinks or pretends to make life easier after following the 115-step setup guide, I want it! I...
Training Budget Part2

The Cost of Attrition

It’s been a busy few weeks, so I wanted to follow up on a couple of questions I received at the SWPP Conference around...
Call Center Outsourcing Decisions

Plan It, Prove It—A Vision for WFM

“Plan it, prove it.” I say those words to every client. To me, they define the role of WFM in the contact center. It...
The Ugly Truth About Call Center Agent Occupancy

The Ugly Truth About Agent Occupancy (Or Why 85% May Be Too Low)

All my talk about Occupancy makes me realize two things: First, many people may not know what exactly it is. Second, they may not...

Multitasking and Long-Term Planning

Multitasking in the call center is all the rage now. Over the last decade I’ve seen tools that automate simple work, can route any...
who cares about service-metrics

Who Really Cares About Service Metrics Anyway?

I want to talk a little about why service metrics (e.g., Service Level, ASA, Abandon Rate or Max Delay) are so important and why...
Snooze Alert

Snooze Alert! Yup… I’m Talking About Data

People are surprised when I tell them I was a History major in college. They typically laugh nervously and say things like, “But… you’re...
Workforce Management Trust

What? You Don’t Trust Your WFM System?!

If you feel like your WFM system just doesn't give you the right net staffing, here is the approach I take to fixing it....