who cares about service-metrics
Illustration by Luke Firth

I want to talk a little about why service metrics (e.g., Service Level, ASA, Abandon Rate or Max Delay) are so important and why everyone in your center needs to really get this stuff. (My soapbox is strong, young Jedi).

Reason One:

Customer service and satisfaction (combined) is the primary objective of every call center. Sure we may sell stuff or solve problems or whatever, but first and foremost we are trying to satisfy customers. So everyone, from the CEO to that newbie in training needs to get that. A service metric aligns everyone to a common goal. So, pick your poison, but pick one! And get everyone on board.

Reason Two:

Occupancy. Occupancy and service performance are tied together, so your service goal dictates your occupancy. And conversely, your budgeted staffing dictates your occupancy and service goal. So if you are only willing to spend for a high occupancy, you cannot get a high service level, as well. Unless you are willing to cut out all your shrinkage, I suppose…

These metrics are integral for planning. If you are not sure your plans include them correctly or effectively, or if your senior management does not believe that that occupancy and service performance go hand in hand, then you need professional help.

Luckily I know a guy…

Please contact me if you do have this challenge. It’s the No. 1 issue I see when creating budgets and long-term plans. I’m happy to just talk this through in greater detail in a non salesy conversation if you just need some advice, or get you a proposal if you need the help.

Editor’s note: This post is part of a series about service metrics published on the Words of WFM blog.