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Mark Brody
Mark Brody has been in the contact center industry for over 25 years. He is Director of Sales for ProCallUSA, and board member of the Austin Contact Center Alliance.
Contact Center Leadership Lessons

Leadership Lessons from a Last Lecture

In September 2007, Carnegie Mellon University Computer Science Professor Randy Pausch was diagnosed with liver cancer. For those of you who have never seen...
Coffee Talk in the Contact Center

Coffee Talk with Mark Brody

I’m sure many of you, like me, are fans of “Saturday Night Live” or “SNL.” One of my favorites was Mike Myers as the...
Changing Employee Engagement in the Contact Center

The Changing Landscape of Employee Engagement

Millennials and Gen Z employees are growing in influence of work organizations and cultures, especially call centers and customer service. According to a 2016...
Contact Center Leadership Traits

What Parenting and Leadership Have in Common

I am fortunate to have raised two boys who are growing up to be fine young men. Some of the lessons I learned in...