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Eric Berg is a 25-year veteran of the contact center industry, running multiple brick-and-mortar as well as virtual agent centers across the US. Eric is founder of the Midwest Contact Center Association and currently provides consulting in the areas of outsourcing selection, recruitment, applicant intake process, employee retention, creating at-home agent programs and creating a culture of success.
Managing Different Personalities in the Contact Center

Managing Different Personalities in the Contact Center: The Platinum Rule

Early in my management career, I followed the Golden Rule: Treat others as I would want to be treated. I believed that if I...
Managing Attrition in a Strong Economy

Managing Attrition in a Strong Economy

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the current unemployment rate is the lowest in 48 years. When the economy is strong and contact...
Absenteeism in the Contact Center

Absenteeism Is a Pain

Absenteeism is a pain, we all know that. According to Benchmark Portal, absenteeism equates to 6.48% of all scheduled hours in a contact center....
Stop Drama from Poisoning Your Customer Service Team

Stop Drama from Poisoning Your Customer Service Team

In my 25 years in the contact center industry, I have seen a lot of drama. Before I knew how to handle it, I...
Contact Center Holiday Season Staffing

Seasonal Hiring

HAPPY SUMMER! It’s still hot, people are enjoying summer activities, picnics, festivals, vacations and barbecues, but for many contact centers, our season has arrived....

Celebrate National Customer Service Week

Show your staff appreciation for the important work that they do! Customer service professionals work diligently all year to protect and enhance your brand....
Customer Perception of Offshore Call Center versus American Call Center

Customer Perception: Offshore vs. America

In the course of my business I speak to a few hundred contact center executives every year. One of the topics that seems to...
promoting a culture of attendance

Promoting a Culture of Attendance

Poor attendance is one of the top reasons for termination in a contact center. According to Benchmark Portal, the average adherence to schedule rate...
empower agents key to customer satisfaction

Empowered Agents: A Key to Customer Satisfaction

According to a study from Customer Experience Management, 71% of agents do not have the authority to satisfy a customer. OUCH! With high attrition...
Avoid supervisor training failure

Avoid Supervisor Training Failure

What is your training plan for a new supervisor? According to a study by Benchmark Portal, 33% of new supervisors receive no training when...
Path to Failure

Career Path to Failure

Are you promoting your best agents to supervisors and managers? If so, you may be promoting to failure. Those of us in the contact center...
cut attrition

Cut Attrition with an Effective Applicant Intake Process: Behavioral Interviews

In my last post, I mentioned a Purdue University study on decreasing attrition in a contact center environment. The study found that contact centers...