Avoid supervisor training failure
Illustration by Eric Byrd

What is your training plan for a new supervisor? According to a study by Benchmark Portal, 33% of new supervisors receive no training when promoted. Only 24% have a formal training program developed with their training departments and just 13% utilize a third-party learning program or education. Sadly, fast-food supervisors probably receive more training than your average contact center supervisor.

There are many training programs available. Your local Call Center Association, Benchmark Portal, The Call Center School and the International Customer Management Institute (ICMI) have certification courses for frontline supervisors. The cost for most of these classes is less than $3,000—a modest investment for a company once it’s understood that a poorly trained supervisor will cost them tens of thousands in attrition costs. Once completed, management can rest assured that their new supervisors are knowledgeable in leadership, quality, metrics management, project planning, forecasting and scheduling, technology, contact center structure, and many other key areas for success.

A trained supervisor is also more confident and is prepared to better relate to the challenges that will face them in their new role.