Top 5 Posts in April

Contact Center Pipeline Top 5 Blog Posts

Starting off our Top 5 Blog Posts in April, in honor of CCP’s 15th Anniversary, Verint reflects on the evolution in customer interaction over these past 15 years. Next, Elaine shares her insights into the changes she has seen in the industry over the years, and the one thing she believes really matters the most.

Then, Ragy leads us through the four key steps to creating exceptional customer experiences in the contact center of the future. To bolster our writing expertise, Leslie guides us on how best to say “no,” when we must, to our customers. Enjoy our top posts from this month!

A Passion for Customer Engagement
This year marks the 15th anniversary of Contact Center Pipeline (CCP), a major milestone for the magazine that has been a proven resource for industry news and movers and shakers since its inception. Verint® was the first advertiser to sign on with the magazine in 2009, so we wanted to look back and celebrate the progress we’ve all made together in a journey filled with growth, innovation, and great change—all driven by a passion for customer engagement.

Reimagining the Contact Center
The last 10 years have revolutionized the way we do everything. Innovative brands from Tesla to Amazon have leveraged technology to create new realities for entire industries. But can you describe a recent exceptional experience with a contact center? Many companies have not changed the way they serve customers in over 10 to 15 years. The technological revolution has missed contact centers, and as consumers, we deserve more.

Loyalty Starts with Strong CX
Although inflation has shown signs of slowing down, consumers are still making careful purchasing decisions. And, as we go into 2024, these trends are expected to continue, with consumers focusing their spending more heavily on necessities rather than on discretionary purchases.

What to Write When Saying “No”
While it’s never easy or much fun to tell a customer “no,” you can write it the wrong way—causing write-backs, harming satisfaction, destroying rapport—or the better way. The better way doesn’t mean saying “yes” or making exceptions for super-persistent customers. The better way to write “no” to a customer is candidly, firmly, briefly, and empathetically.

Reflections From the Front Line
In today’s society, three decades can feel like a lifetime in Corporate America and I have been on the front lines throughout its evolution. From how we do business to the overall cultural landscape, very little has remained unchanged over the years. Women are more prominent in leadership positions. People of color have more equitable representation. Protections are in place to provide a fair environment for members of the LGBTQIA+ community.