Executive Interview with ProcedureFlow


I had the opportunity recently to meet with the team at ProcedureFlow to learn about who they are and what they do. In a nutshell, their mission is to make our contact center employees experts faster. They are passionate about making information not only easy to create and share, but also quick and simple to find, follow and maintain. They want to make your most complicated processes simple for anyone to navigate and understand. I hope you enjoy getting to know them.

Q. What makes ProcedureFlow unique in the industry?

ProcedureFlow is a revolutionary knowledge management solution. Unlike traditional knowledge bases, ProcedureFlow leverages scenario-based learning techniques, which allows agents to navigate the most complex company processes with ease. Instead of text-heavy knowledge base articles and documents, ProcedureFlow uses a visual guide to provide agents with the processes they need when they need them.

Q. What is your leadership’s top priority?

Our leadership’s top priority is to ensure satisfaction across the board. ProcedureFlow goes above and beyond when it comes to employee satisfaction and customer satisfaction.

Q. What is the most important thing you’ve learned from your customers?

Our customers’ goals are aligned with our own—to provide the best possible customer service and employee experience. From our customers, we’ve learned about the importance of agent and employee empowerment and how a happy, confident, empowered agent is key to putting your organization’s best foot forward.

Q. What is the top pain point that your product fixes for your customers?

ProcedureFlow is made for reducing complexity. Our easy-to-use software breaks down even the most complicated workflows, allowing agents to spend less time searching for what they need and more time actually helping.

Q. What is the one thing we might not know about ProcedureFlow?

The ProcedureFlow team are HUGE “Star Wars” fans 😊. Additionally, the team loves process improvement and helping organizations be the best they can be.

ProcedureFlow At-a-Glance

What does ProcedureFlow do?

ProcedureFlow is a step-by-step visual guide that supports agents as they navigate company processes. With a knowledge management solution that simplifies complex information, employees can spend less time searching and focus on what they do best. ProcedureFlow’s simple and intuitive platform enables contact centers to quickly and easily create, maintain and update company processes in real-time. With ProcedureFlow, teams can work more efficiently, better serve customers, and drive results that matter most to their business.

Who do you serve?

Our customer base ranges from contact centers in multiple industries to back-office and enterprise organizations.

When were you founded?


ProcedureFlow by the numbers:

  • Reduces training time by 75%+
  • 12% faster Average Handle Time when using ProcedureFlow
  • 6% higher First Call Resolution when using ProcedureFlow
  • 40% reduction in escalations
  • 11% improvement in operating costs
Contact ProcedureFlow | Phone: 1-888-827-3918 | Email: [email protected] | Website: www.procedureflow.com