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Contact Center Pipeline Top 5 Blog Posts

Top 5 Posts in January

A cold, dark January has translated into more time spent reading industry blogs. Pipeline readers kicked off the new year by browsing forward-looking topics...
Reach New Speeds to Insight with a Speech Analytics

Reach New Speeds to Insight with a Speech Analytics Strategic Blueprint Workshop

“I don’t understand how my organization can use speech analytics.” This is a statement often heard from those who have speech analytics just as often...
Converging Call Center Technology Ecosystem

The Converging Technology Ecosystem

Over the years, we’ve watched key players in contact center technology change their market positioning. They want the market to take notice as their...
Tips for Technology Selection in the Call Center

Technology Selection at Today’s Speed

While supporting our clients in technology vendor selection, we find that many companies have limited time and resources to spend performing due diligence through...
WFM Budget Prep

State of the WFO Industry

Workforce Optimization (WFO) technology has been a hotbed of activity as buyers and users clamor for new tools and seek to get more out...
Training Aligned

Don’t Shortchange Technology Implementation

Too often, the pursuit of technology is driven by speed and constrained by resources. Experience shows this to be a bad combination. Getting implementation right...
Call Center Knowledge Management

Doing More with Knowledge Management

Knowledge management (KM) is an Achilles’ heel for many contact centers. Some have an abundance of “tribal knowledge” scattered among a core of seasoned...
Plan for Technology Change in the Call Center

Plan For Change

We love to conduct technology strategy projects and have shared how important we think those are for contact centers. We emphasize alignment of technology...