A Cloud-Based Dialer Checklist


If you are moving from a premise-based system to a cloud-based system, you may not know all of the features to look for. Premise-based systems tend to be more antiquated and less flexible. Cloud-based systems open a whole new world of features. Make sure you know what to ask for when you are evaluating a new dialing system.

Online scripting

  • Is there online scripting?
  • Is that included in the price or does it cost extra?
  • Can it do complex branching with built-in logic?
  • Does it allow for the reps to do data capture?
  • Can the data capture be validated—meaning, will it make sure it is in the right format?
  • Do you have the ability to do customized dispositions (call results)?
  • Can scripts be edited and updated in real-time?

With CallShaper, all your scripting can be online, including data capture and validation as well as complex branching rules. The scripting can even help to determine the disposition of each call based on the data capture and branching the rep went through. This online scripting can help entry-level reps become product experts by walking them through every step of the call and save you tons of time on training.

Contact management

  • Can you control the frequency of dials?
  • Can you control the maximum attempts per day?
  • Can you set the maximum attempts per lifetime for the leads?
  • Can you control the days until a file expires?
  • Can you set call priority by rep skill set?
  • Can you set call priority by lead type?
  • Can you customize calling activity by disposition code?

With CallShaper, you can set up customized dialing parameters to help you maximize your contact rate based on the profile of your leads or customers. You can determine how many times a day to call, how far apart to space those calls, what calls get priority, what reps get priority, and customize the rules based on bucket, skill set or disposition.


  • What are the Caller ID options?
  • Does the dialer control the abandonment rates?
  • Does the dialer set the calling hours by time zone?
  • Does the dialer set the calling hours by state based on state restrictions?
  • Does the dialer comply with holiday calling restrictions by state?
  • an the compliance component be overridden?

Compliance components like caller ID, abandonment rates, calling hours by time zone, state and holiday restrictions are all built in to CallShaper and cannot be overridden.

Online reporting

  • What types of reports are available?
    • Rep performance
    • File performance
    • Media performance
    • Time-of-day reporting
    • Service levels
    • Disposition reporting

With CallShaper you can view stats online from anywhere while calling is happening so you don’t have to be on-site or wait until the data is updated to see what is happening. You can even listen to the calls as they are occurring from anywhere. This flexibility helps you manage a virtual workforce from anywhere in the world.

Call recordings & storage

  • Does the dialer record all calls?
  • Can you turn recordings on and off?
  • Can you control the recording settings from the script so that it can turn on or off on certain pages?
  • Is storage of recordings included?
  • Are the recordings easy to retrieve?

With CallShaper, all calls are recorded, according to your settings and are stored in an easy-to-retrieve format. Lookups are easy and you can pull a recording in seconds to listen, download or email.


  • Do you have to do anything to get an upgrade?
  • Do you have to pay for upgrades?

The CallShaper technology is always up to date with the latest and greatest features. You don’t have to do anything or pay anything to get the upgrades or the extra features as they become available.

Ease of setup and use

  • Do you need a programmer or IT to set up and manage the system?
  • Are there any costs for training?
  • Are there any ongoing support costs?

With CallShaper, training and support is included in your monthly licensing fee. The platform is intuitive and easy to set up and use, so you don’t need technical staff to support the system.

Cloud-based dialing platforms like CallShaper can provide you with many features that may not have been available to you with a premise-based system. Make sure you ask all the right questions when making your decision.

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