A Q&A with the Contact Center Virtual Summit’s Jim Rembach


Sponsor Q and A with Jim Rembach

For contact centers, the internet and mobile devices have totally strained and challenged every single aspect of the way we operate our business. Keeping up with the constantly changing technologies, economic, business and personnel issues requires us to obtain knowledge and learn from the experiences of others more than ever before.

There are many ways for us to network with our industry peers and experts. Contact center associations work hard to develop these opportunities for us, as well as training organizations, conference and network organizers. We have many opportunities to read, attend and learn in our industry.

Just like the internet and mobile devices have changed our organizational work processes, these technologies enabled us to change the way we learn and connect via industry events.

Jim Rembach

One long-time contact center industry expert is leading a new way for you to virtually learn and participate in an industry conference. Jim Rembach is the President of Call Center Coach, the virtual leadership academy for emerging and existing contact center supervisors, and the host for the Contact Center Virtual Summit (CCVS). I recently had a chance to catch up with Jim about the Contact Center Virtual Summit, his career and where the industry is going.

What was your inspiration behind hosting the Contact Center Virtual Summit?

In my experience as a practitioner, solution provider, learner and educator in the contact center industry, I’ve reached the conclusion that we have a massive opportunity to teach. The way to reach more people than ever before is to take advantage of the same technologies that have turned our industry upside-down.

Just as the customer is now in charge of their experience due to the internet and mobile devices, we can use these tools to take charge of our learning about the topics, the technologies, the economic issues, and the business issues that are constantly changing.

What makes the Contact Center Virtual Summit unique in the industry?

This is a 3-week event! It contains learning sessions, a Demo Week and a Virtual Boot Camp. For the first time ever, this industry conference makes attending a conference possible for all leaders at all levels in a contact center from the convenience of their own office or home. Finally, contact centers can get all of their leaders, instead of just one or two, on the same page with how to improve performance and success.

What is the top pain point that the Contact Center Virtual Summit solves?

For attendees, it fixes several problems, which include costs, time away, accessibility, and ongoing development because they are all are part of the skill development pain point.

Various sources have estimates that hover around 5% of the U.S. working population being employed in contact centers. This represents several million people and worldwide this number swells to tens of millions of people. This represents a massive learning opportunity because the skills necessary to manage and lead in a contact center are unlike any other aspects of a business. It’s a craft, not a job—you need to learn the science and the art.

When you take into consideration the learning options for people, the cost of options, the time they require to be offline from work or away from home, a virtual conference makes total sense.

You mentioned ongoing development versus a one-time event. How does the Contact Center Virtual Summit go beyond the event?

Our industry has become so complex that it’s foolish to think we can get all we need to be successful in a 60-minute presentation or webinar. We need the ability to learn what we need, when we need it and have access to it. After all, we live in an on-demand world, and our development tools need to support that.

For attendees with an All Access Pass, they can review the recordings of the summit session for an entire year, whenever they need it.

We also support a Private Facebook Group that anybody in the industry can participate in, ask questions and help others to solve problems.

As adults, one of our most important ways we learn is from others. A community of peers is the best way to make that happen.

What is the most important thing you’ve learned from solution providers?

They are strapped for time and resources as well. Many want to take advantage of modern methods like video, influencer marketing, emerging social channels, and ongoing brand recognition and virtual conferences provide the ability for them to improve their ROI on marketing and improve their sales velocity.

What industry practitioners may not realize is that many solutions providers also have some of the best and brightest in the industry. They can deliver a wealth of knowledge and know-how and I personally try to learn as much as I can from them. The CCVS is a great way for me to learn, as well.

When is the Contact Center Virtual Summit?

The CCVS runs from July 7-27, 2019. More details are available at www.ccvirtualsummit.com. There you can see the listing of our incredible Speaker Faculty, session agenda and forward-thinking industry sponsors.

What is your most desired outcome with the CCVS?

In contact centers, we’re touching millions and millions of employees and customers, so why not educate ourselves as part of that?

The ROI of a program like this (CCVS) is enormous. Not only can it make the contact center professional more engaged in work, but think about the potential value to the organization and to customers. We’re touching millions and millions of employees and customers in our industry, so why not educate ourselves to change the world.