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Coca-Cola. Harley-Davidson. InGenius. What do these companies have in common? In today’s “be everything to everyone” marketplace, they offer a refreshing business model: Do one thing well.

InGenius concentrates 100% on computer telephony integration (CTI), and they excel at it. With more than 20 years’ experience in enterprise telephony, the InGenius team has been able to channel their passion into delivering a high-quality product along with industry-leading expertise in contact center environments and CTI requirements. For their clients, that translates into a deep understanding of the main pain points that contact centers experience. For instance, InGenius Connector Enterprise was developed to work with existing phone systems, so clients don’t need to spend a lot of time redesigning their telephony systems or established business processes, or retraining staff.

Kari Simpson

We wanted to learn more about this remarkable company, so we reached out to Vice President of Product Management and Marketing Kari Simpson.

What was the inspiration behind your flagship product?
While we were doing custom software development for one of our telephony partners, we saw a real demand for the capability to connect phones directly into the CRM. Customers wanted a product that didn’t require desktop software and was scalable to the enterprise. InGenius Connector Enterprise was created to address this need.

What is the most important thing you’ve learned from your customers?
Personal communications, particularly phone conversations, continue to be key to the success of industry leading companies. Our customers care deeply about their customers. They’ve taught us to focus on our unique skill for integrating telephony and customer information, rather than trying to be all things to all people. We’re mindful to listen and understand the problem space our customers inhabit. We’re only successful when our customers make their customers happy.

What makes you unique in the industry?
InGenius is highly configurable to the unique requirements of our customers. Contact centers can choose how they want to match their call handling to business workflows with web configuration tools. We also have a CTI-focused customer care team available to help our customers get maximum productivity and value out of their computer telephony integration.

What is the accomplishment your company is most proud of?
Our customers have spoken and have rated our products and customer service second-to-none. We’re very proud that reviews from our customers have made us a 5-star app on the Salesforce AppExchange.

What is the top pain point that your product fixes for your customers?
Many contact centers have infrastructure and business processes they’ve invested time and money in. InGenius leverages what an organization has already, working with existing phone systems, as well as call queues, call routing and CRM workflows, rather than requiring a business to start from scratch.


What do you do?

InGenius is a computer telephony integration (CTI) innovator that enables contact centers to deliver world-class customer service by integrating their existing telephone systems into leading CRMs.

What telephony do you support?

Asterisk, Avaya, BroadSoft, Cisco and Mitel.

Who do you serve?

InGenius serves contact centers and phone-centric organizations across all industries, in 35 different countries. Flagship customers include Citrix, Expedia, Kellogg’s and LinkedIn.

When were you founded?


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