Top 5 Posts in July

Contact Center Pipeline Top 5 Blog Posts

This month, the top question on our readers’ minds is this: Will Chatbots Replace the Need for Contact Centers? Jump into our top article and let us know your thoughts in our one-question survey!

Next, Rob dives into the value AI provides our centers and how best to implement new technologies. Eitan then discusses how video capabilities, specifically, can transform agent interactions, thus improving your CXs. Mark rounds out our top 5 with tips on how to boost your agent productivity.

Will Chatbots Replace the Need for Contact Centers?
Goodbye call centers! This was recently sent to me by someone who questioned that call centers may be going away. It feels like chatbots may replace our need for human interaction, as this message suggests: The Chatbot can also help answer your questions quickly without the need for a human operator.

The Need for AI in Contact Centers
The contact center industry has battled various challenges over recent years, such as high employee turnover, low first contact resolution rates, an excessive number of technology tools flooding the workplace, and the resultant customer dissatisfaction. The widespread adoption of digital devices and perpetual connectivity is changing how customers want to communicate with organizations.

Seeing Productivity
If we’re using video for meetings, to speak with our friends and family and to consume all types of media and entertainment, why are so many contact centers and agents still relying on phone calls?

What to Write When Saying “No”
While it’s never easy or much fun to tell a customer “no,” you can write it the wrong way—causing write-backs, harming satisfaction, destroying rapport—or the better way.

How to Improve Agent Productivity
If you work in a call or contact center, you know that agent productivity is essential to your center’s success. You can do a few key things to help improve your team’s productivity.