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Executive Talk Interview with Chris Shortall

Executive Talk: Chris Shortall, Destination XL Group

Chris Shortall is Vice President, Store Communications and Contact Center Operations at Destination XL Group. Chris does a wonderful job of explaining how their...
Executive Talk Interview with James J White

Executive Talk: Jim White, Santander Bank

Jim White is Senior Vice President and Director of Card Services at Santander Bank. Jim talks about the agent skill requirements they have in...
Executive Talk Interview with Kathleen Peterson

Executive Talk: Kathleen Peterson, PowerHouse Consulting

Kathleen Peterson is Chief Vision Officer for PowerHouse Consulting. Kathleen shares her insights on contact center strategies that help promote and elevate our “power”...
Video Interview Contact Center Pipeline's Linda Harden sits down with Michael Pace, Principal, Pace of Service at the 2015 NECCF Vendor Forum.

Executive Talk: Michael Pace, Pace of Service

Michael Pace is the Owner and Principal of The Pace of Service, a consultancy that assists organizations to realize the full benefit of customer...

Executive Talk: JoAnn Morency, NECCF and Commerce Bank

JoAnn Morency is a founding board member for the NECCF (NorthEast Contact Center Forum), and Senior Vice President and Director of Retail Banking at...
Video Interview with Kristi Holcombe, Director of Workforce Management, Travelers

Executive Talk: Kristi Holcombe, Travelers

In this Executive Talk interview, I had an opportunity to chat with Kristi Holcombe, Director of Workforce Management at Travelers. Kristi has over 20...
Video Interview with Mark Kantor, Operations Support Team Lead at Lego

Executive Talk: Mark Kantor, Lego

In this Executive Talk video, I had an opportunity to talk with Mark Kantor, Lego Operations Support Team Lead. Mark has 20-plus years of...
Video interview with Stacey Swim, Contact Center Manager for Unum Insurance

Executive Talk: Stacey Swim, Unum Insurance

Unum Contact Center Manager Stacey Swim has 29 years of customer service experience, spanning the Insurance and Financial Services Industries. She has spent most...
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