Executive Interview with LumenVox Founder & CEO Edward Miller


Executive Interview with LumenVox Founder & CEO Edward Miller

What exciting times for our industry. Voice technology has come such a long way and according to my interview with Edward Miller, the Founder and CEO of LumenVox, we still have so much opportunity ahead with speech software. I love his vision for speech and voice biometrics in our contact centers.

Q. What makes LumenVox unique in the industry?

As a company, we are focused on delivering speech-enabling software that is easy to use, reliable, highly scalable, and future-proof.

LumenVox is the only pure speech technology player that is truly agnostic in the market today.

We provide a full spectrum of speech-enabling software that includes Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) with Transcription, Text-to-Speech (TTS), Voice Biometrics and Call Progress Analysis (CPA). By taking a modular approach, LumenVox supports the agility that enables companies to continuously evolve the customer experience as they migrate to the public cloud, their own private clouds, or take a hybrid approach.

LumenVox is heavily focused on democratizing speech and putting state-of-the-art tools into the hands of our customers which enables them to perform tuning and transcription, parameter, grammar, and version upgrade testing on their own. This helps to avoid the burden of expensive, time-consuming professional service fees.

Q. What are the trends you are seeing with speech and voice biometrics in the contact center industry?

As voice technology continues to grow more robust, forward-thinking enterprises can broadly deploy a host of applications, including voice-enabled chatbots. Voice-enabled chatbots provide benefits that include faster responses and zero wait time, better two-way interactions, enhanced customer experiences, and fraud detection. Voice-enabled chatbots can also play a critical role in serving a larger and more diverse base of users.

For example, applications using state-of-the-art speech recognition can serve large numbers of consumers, from a variety of languages and dialects, through a more efficient and accurate language model than ever before. Businesses that deploy voice-enabled chatbots to serve their entire customer base will realize measurable value by way of increased loyalty and customer satisfaction.

We’re also starting to see how Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) can impact how we can better understand customer information and sentiment. Contact centers have a wealth of data from interacting with their customers. However, contact centers analyze less than 3% of their customer interactions, leaving 97% of call data untouched—largely because of the complexity in making sense of the data in its audio format. Vast amounts of insight remain trapped in voice data for too many companies because their existing voice technology, requires them to commit time or resources to extract, analyze and leverage it. State-of-the-art ASR speech technology holds the key to unlocking this valuable customer data.

Q. What is the top pain point that your product fixes for your customers?

LumenVox removes the complexity out of building exceptional voice experiences for contact centers. It’s as simple as that.

Edward Miller

Edward Miller
Founder & CEO

Edward is focused on expanding LumenVox’s strategic vision, technology, and business strategies. With multiple patents to his name, he has led the design and deployment of state-of-the-art voice infrastructures, using cutting-edge artificial intelligence applications.

LumenVox At-A-Glance

What does LumenVox do?

LumenVox is an industry-leading provider of speech-enabling software, bringing the power of voice to more than 2,000 customers worldwide and facilitating billions of customer interactions.

Who do you serve?

LumenVox provides speech-enabling software to platform providers in the CPaaS, UCaaS, and CCaaS space, as well as to traditional platform providers such as Avaya and Cisco.

When were you founded?


LumenVox By the Numbers:

● Over 2000 success customer deployments

● Nearing 1 billion speech interactions

● 20 million monthly outbound notifications

● 1 million authenticated voice prints

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