An Executive Interview With OpenText’s Alex Martinez


An Executive Interview With OpenText's Alex Martinez

Alex Martinez

I had the pleasure to interview Alex Martinez from OpenText this month. He oversees marketing for Contact Center and Voice of the Customer Analytics Solutions.

Alex brings 20-plus years of launching innovative products across multiple verticals. He is passionate about constantly engaging with customers and partners to better understand their needs.

OpenText, founded in 1991 and now the largest software organization in Canada, has gone through many changes in these past few years. Alex discusses with me the OpenText organization and how they are expanding their offerings to support customer retention and advocacy.

Q. What does OpenText do?

OpenText has over two decades of experience helping organizations manage and extract value from information within the enterprise.

We are building on our deep strength and heritage in digital experience, workforce optimization (WFO), artificial intelligence (AI) and analytics, and content services to expand offerings into a larger category of Information Management (IM).

As types of business information become more diverse and challenging to manage IM has never been more important. It helps organizations extract more value out of their existing investments while enabling deployments in the cloud, on premises, or as a hybrid scenario.

With IM, organizations can maximize the value of information while minimizing its risks. Customers can create and continually improve rich, engaging experiences for customers, markets, employees, and partners. They can improve business processes through securely exchanging information within and beyond the enterprise as well as discover powerful insights from their data.

Thanks to OpenText’s commitment to security and compliance in our solution designs, information governance and regulatory compliance (HIPAA, PCI DSS, etc.) are made easier.

Of relevance to Contact Center Pipeline readers is how our Digital Experience business unit covers a range of solutions focused on voice of the customer, contact centers, and digital content management, as well as customer communications and interactions.

Thousands of well-known brands, from global banks and manufacturing to government agencies and non-profit organizations, rely on OpenText Digital Experience solutions.

Q. Who do you serve?

OpenText supports a number of Global 10,000 organizations as well as mid-market companies and government agencies. We serve approximately 100,000 customers and 100 million users across the globe.

Our technologies and business solutions address problems encountered by organizations in retail, government, manufacturing, automotive, food/beverage, technology, financial services, insurance, life sciences, healthcare and pharmaceuticals, transportation, energy, oil, and gas, utilities, logistics, engineering, non-profit, and more.

Q. What makes OpenText unique in the industry?

OpenText is unique in the contact center industry because of the breadth of its offerings and integrations: strengths that are becoming ever more relevant as customer service proves intrinsic to customer retention and advocacy.

Orchestrating a cohesive, contextual experience across channels that meets brand standards, while delighting customers, is a massively difficult task.

Key marketing and customer service tools, such as content management systems (CMS), customer communications management (CCM), digital asset management (DAM), WFO, and more, are starting to reach a confluence in the market, coming together to form a new breed of martech: the Digital Experience Platform (DXP).

DXPs take these disparate solutions and integrate them together to form an even more powerful whole, capable of offering effective brand control and quality customer engagement with personalization at scale, across the entire customer journey.

While the typical contact center vendor sells only that product, OpenText can take our contact center solution and make it so much more, benefiting both contact center users and other parts of the organization in the process.

Because our solutions are built on powerful, scalable APIs they integrate with each other as well as with solutions from third-party vendors.

Easier and more cost-effective adoption of intrinsic Customer Experience (CX) capabilities can accelerate digital transformation across every channel and customer touchpoint.

Our market-leading solutions cover the most important domains of digital CX, such as content management, DAM, customer communications, customer insights and analytics, customer data platform, and business process and collaboration.

Q. What is your leadership’s top priority?

It is essential that our customers are able to rely on and trust OpenText as a strategic partner who can respond rapidly to their unique and changing needs.

OpenText has been in business for 30 years, delivering mission critical solutions on a global basis and across all industries. We continue to focus on our key priorities:

  • Continue to be the market leader in delivering premier and best in class CX and IM solutions to customers of all sizes
  • Innovation
  • Remain the leader in digital transformation solutions for all industries
  • The Cloud and the Edge
  • Technology for the good

Q. What do your customers love most about OpenText?

Our customers understand that we are in a unique position to solve complex business problems that require a broad and deep portfolio. A solution portfolio that can combine capabilities from multiple product units to solve complex challenges that span across the value chain of an organization and through each engagement point across a customer journey pre- and post-acquisition.

We are that long-term strategic partner capable of evolving our customers’ capabilities in CX and IM while reducing fragmentation. Our customers truly appreciate our solution deployment options they have with us, whether that be on-premises, hybrid, or completely in the cloud.

Each organization has its own reason for engaging with OpenText. In general, our customers look to OpenText solutions to help:

  • Provide customer insights
  • Facilitate multi-channel communication
  • Reduce costs and enhance responsiveness and flexibility by enabling broad access to information through mobile, social, and cloud applications
  • Accelerate productivity
  • Improve governance and drive digital transformation
  • Address information security and digital investigation needs
  • Enable process improvement
  • Consolidate and leverage unstructured information
  • Provide information-led business transformation

Q. What is the top pain point that your product fixes for your customers?

There are multiple pain points that we solve for, however, if I was to pick one it would be around the difficulty our customers express to us that they have in obtaining client and employee data insights across every touchpoint throughout their organization and customer journey. Many of our customers lack business insights as their systems and processes are siloed and quite disjointed.

Q. What is the most important thing you have learned from your customers?

We have learned from our customers that they deeply care about acquiring solutions or technologies that are part of a bigger vision that allows them to execute on their digital transformation strategies: without compromising the highest standards of their products, their CX, and service.