How to Get the Best Headsets for Amazon Connect



If you’re looking for the best headsets for your call center agents working on Amazon Connect, here are our top picks. The type of headset you choose will depend on what you use your Amazon Connect for, and how your call center agents work with their headsets in their day to day work lives.

Basically, you need to think about three things:

  • Do you need wired or wireless headsets?
  • What headsets can integrate with Amazon Connect?
  • What headsets are purpose-built with the contact center in mind?

Wired or Wireless Headsets

This is an obvious one. Wireless headsets are proven to increase productivity as your agents have the freedom to walk around the office or their home. They can escalate calls with more ease, pick up prints or items, or simply pick up coffee, without getting off the call.

Wireless headsets are proven to increase productivity as your agents have the freedom to walk around the office or their home.

On the flip side, wired headsets tend to just work. They never run out of battery, they plug in with minimal effort and will not be disturbed or interfered with by wireless signals.

Headsets That Integrate with Amazon Connect

Jabra headsets have specifically made SDKs and APIs for Amazon Connect, which allows you or your developers to integrate hardware features like lights, buttons or microphone input with Amazon Connect. Any USB headset will work with Amazon Connect, but if you want things like call control, asset management or more advanced software features, go for brands that have direct integration available.

Headsets Built for Purpose with the Contact Center in Mind

The contact center can be a tough environment. Lots of noise, all-day use, agents coming and going, and lots of wear and tear. While you can get some headsets very cheaply, they also tend to break more easily, be less comfortable to wear for long hours and not be up to par on noise cancellation with their microphones.

Noise cancellation, in particular, is important for both the agent and the customers as it allows better conversations without interruptions—which is critical in call centers.

Our Top Headset Picks for Call Centers Running Amazon Connect

If you’re looking for a wired headset, we recommend the Jabra Engage 50. It is simply the best on all parameters—the best microphone you can find in the contact center, comfortable for all-day wear and it has numerous integration possibilities with Amazon Connect.

Jabra Engage 50

If your agents need to roam around, the best pick is the Jabra Engage 75. It connects to desk phones, computers and smartphones all at once and offers over 150m/490ft of wireless range. With 13 hours of battery life and very light to wear, it’s perfect for all-day use.