Executive Interview with Bob Wienholt, CEO of CallShaper


Sponsor Q&A with Bob Wienholt

I love the idea that CallShaper was first developed for use in their own contact center. It was from there that CallShaper became independent. What a way to develop and use a product, knowing all of its capabilities and improvements to be made prior to release for general use.

I had the opportunity to sit down with Bob Wienholt at CallShaper to discuss their organization and what they do.

Q. What makes CallShaper unique in the industry?

CallShaper is unique because it does not require a programmer or technical expertise to set up and run a campaign. This is a huge benefit to call centers because IT is typically a bottleneck that slows down implementation of changes or new campaigns. Because of CallShaper’s wizard-like interface, a layman can go in and set up the scripting, the reporting, and the export files easily. We also have an excellent learning library and support team that can help.

Q. What is your leadership’s top priority?

Compliance is a huge priority. With the intense scrutiny that the call center industry is under, it is important for us that we provide the tools to help our clients be compliant. Because of this, we have built many of the compliance requirements into our dialer. Things like Caller ID, abandonment requirements, time zone, state and holiday calling rules, DNC scrubbing, these are all built into the dialer to help our clients be more compliant. All calls are recorded, and it is easy to look up call histories and pull recordings when you need to review something. Our scripting also allows our clients to program in scripting compliance by state.

Q. What is the most important thing you’ve learned from your customers?

Speed to market is very important to our clients. That is why we have set up CallShaper to be so easy to use. You can get a new campaign started in hours instead of days or weeks. This is a huge benefit to our clients.

Q. What is the top pain point that your product fixes for your customers?

The biggest difference our clients see when they switch from another system to CallShaper is an immediate increase in their contact rate. Their reps are suddenly more efficient and productive, their talk time increases, and their sales improve as a result.

Because CallShaper allows the user to set customized dialing settings, our clients can determine the best contact management strategies for their leads and customers. You can control minutes between attempts by dispositions, attempts per day, attempts per lifetime, rest and recycle files, alternate times of day when you call, call oldest, newest or fewest attempted records. You can also bucket leads by type of lead or priority, and you can route your best leads to the best agents, or your lower performing leads to your new agents to cut their teeth on. This flexibility allows our clients to find the settings that work the best for them and maximize their contact rates.

CallShaper At-a-Glance

What do you do?

We provide a compliant, easy-to-use dialing system for anyone making or receiving calls to their prospects or customers.

Who do you serve?

We serve both call center agencies and companies that have internal call centers.

What solutions and features are included?

All of our features are included with the base package; we do not charge extra for training, support, scripting, the QA platform, recording or storage.

What do your customers love most about CallShaper?

Three main things: Compliance, Contact Maximization, and Ease of Use/Speed to Market.

CallShaper can be reached at [email protected].

Bob Wienholt has been in the programming industry for over 20 years. In 2009, he started a call center with his two business partners, and that has turned into a very successful nearshore call center operation in Belize. During that time, he and his partner, Sean Bright, built CallShaper to support their call center because they were not satisfied with the other technology platforms out there. In 2014, CallShaper spun off into its own entity and started supporting other call center companies.