A Q&A with Unymira’s Chris Rall


For the modern contact center, delivering high-quality human or digital customer service requires quick access to accurate and actionable information. Whether you have one channel, multiple channels or are looking to transition to an omnichannel environment, a well-thought-out knowledge management strategy should be the foundational step for moving forward.

Unymira’s goal is to make customer service as simple as a Google search. The knowledge management provider is part of the USU group, a German software company that aims to help improve the customer experience. With more than four decades of experience providing innovative customer service products designed to enhance the quality of customer service and save time and money, it’s safe to say that Unymira’s knowledge management team has the expertise and solutions to deliver results for their clients.

We wanted to learn more about the company, so we reached out to Unymira’s Chris Rall, Sales Director for North America.

What makes Unymira unique in the industry?

Chris Rall

Unymira is an expert at delivering customer service knowledge management solutions to companies at all maturity levels. There are many vendors in the market that provide either a simple knowledge approach—with basic storage and search—or a very sophisticated approach with advanced features. We deliver the entire range from standard knowledge features such as an intuitive interface and a Google-like search to more advanced technologies like AI-powered search, decision trees and integrated eLearning.

Providing a broad range of technology options allows us to fulfill our clients’ knowledge management needs across maturity levels. We can help new clients quickly get up to speed and delivering results, and also support them in growing their knowledge approach with more advanced features over time, including self-service and chatbot capabilities. Our ability to deliver solutions for a variety of organization sizes and needs combined with proven results makes us unique in the industry.

What is your leadership’s top priority?

Our leadership’s top priority is growth in the U.S. market. We had a busy and successful year in 2018, but we still present a unique opportunity in the market because we offer the most comprehensive knowledge management platform with lots of add-on options and extensions. Since we’re new to the U.S. market, companies have the chance to get our market-leading software as one of the early adopters in their industry for a competitive pricing.

What is the most important thing you’ve learned from your customers?

Knowledge management can be a nirvana or the engine of your customer service. Most of the customers or prospects we meet are on one side or the other. The most important thing we have learned as a vendor is that products need to be designed to meet the needs of your customers, who are, in our world, mainly contact center agents. Don’t try to offer something that you think they need; instead, provide the features they need to make their daily lives easier.

What is the top pain point that your product fixes for your customers?

The top three pain points that our product fixes are:

  • Agents’ complaints that it is hard to find the right knowledge
  • Declining customer satisfaction (decreasing Net Promoter Score)
  • Stagnation of KPIs due to:
    • Too many incoming calls
    • Too many reoccurring calls (lots of call transfers)
    • Lengthy onboarding process for new employees/agents

Unymira At-a-Glance

What do you do?

Unymira products and services are designed to cater to many different industries with a focus on customer service and contact centers that have a large amount of institutional knowledge and incoming calls.

Unymira is a leading knowledge management software company that provides multiple software solutions such as knowledge base software for contact centers, our best-in-class web self-service tool and chatbot capabilities.

Who do you serve?

We have over 400 customers globally. Our main target group is contact centers. This has been our focus for over 20 years. Our flagship product—Knowledge Center—drives top results for contact centers in terms of first-contact resolution, average handling time and onboarding time.

Which platforms do you support?

One major piece of our knowledge approach is integration: Our products offer an open API to integrate them into all major customer service platforms, such as Salesforce, NetSuite Zendesk or Slack.

When were you founded?

Unymira is a division of the USU Group, which was founded in 1977 and has over 700 employees worldwide as well as operations in over a dozen countries. The Unymira division is based in Moeglingen, Germany, with U.S. offices in Boston and Miami. Unymira’s U.S. team is comprised of more than 200 consultants who are experienced in all aspects of knowledge management and knowledge base implementation and maintenance.

For more information about Unymira’s knowledge base solutions, contact Chris Rall at (786) 490-2900 or visit www.unymira.com.