Sennheiser Technology Supports Contact Center Employees with Special Hearing Needs


Sennheiser Technology Supports Contact Center Employees with Special Hearing Needs

Contact Center managers and business owners who have invested in sophisticated unified communications networks typically understand the urgency of maintaining a skilled, consistent and well-seasoned staff to use these networks. Businesses owners should therefore do whatever is necessary to draw superior talent from a wide pool of knowledgeable workers—and to keep those talented agents long-term—in order to deliver superior customer engagement.

In some scenarios, this means accommodating skilled agents with unique needs, such as hearing impairment. Special hearing needs can present an obstacle to performance in the contact center, since many hearing aids are incompatible with advanced audio technology, or are challenging to use in conjunction with certain headsets.

Sennheiser has developed a headset to address this issue in the contact center, allowing business owners to hire from a comprehensive pool of knowledgeable workers, no matter what their hearing abilities. Sennheiser’s SC 660 TC headset is a premium wired headset that improves the performance of customer service agents, and the engagement experience of their callers.

The SC 660 TC business headset illustrates how technology can be used to address specific challenges to productivity, providing features such as a unique double-sided telecoil that integrates hearing aid functionality via electronic transmission, enhancing the listening experience for hearing-impaired users.

In addition to its speaker, the unit is equipped with a unique hearing aid-compatible telecoil transmitters, located on each side of the headset. These transmitters emit a magnetic field that can be picked up directly by the hearing aid, making it easier for users to focus on a conversation without the distractions of background noise. It is compatible with all hearing aids that are equipped with a T mode (telecoil) or MT mode (combined microphone and telecoil), which is typically provided as option on hearing aids. Although the unit can be used by any worker regardless of hearing ability, it helps business owners maintain a broad-based, seasoned and skilled staff that can perform at its best by creating a richer sound experience for the hearing-impaired user.

Sennheiser’s voice clarity wideband sound and ultra-noise canceling microphone allow the SC 660 TC to deliver a crisp and natural voice experience, optimizing speech intelligibility even in noisy contact center and office environments. As a Century™ series headset, the SC 660 TC uses a high-quality neodymium speaker for outstanding HD sound quality. The model lets hearing-impaired workers take advantage of the award-winning features of Sennheiser’s advanced audio, including ActiveGard® technology, which protects from potentially harmful sound bursts and acoustic shock. The SC 660 TC also shares the Century™ series’ Red Dot award-winning design hallmarks, with elegant, iconic looks, durable craftsmanship and brilliant wearing comfort. These combined benefits result in a richer sound experience and increased flexibility.

Like many employers, Sennheiser recognizes that the needs of the modern workplace are diverse and evolving. By utilizing research and development techniques from other business fields, such as the hearing aid and audiology industries, Sennheiser will continue its ongoing commitment to workplace innovation. The SC 660 TC helps to open the door to an improved sound experience and a more productive environment for users with special hearing needs, equipping them to excel. Sennheiser’s technology supports business owners in creating a more inclusive workplace, one that draws upon the talents and skills of a vast range of individuals. This illustrates how the company strives to pioneer solutions that support a more comfortable, cohesive and productive unified communications environment for all.

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