Verint Mid Market Solutions

Customer expectations are skyrocketing, making the need to provide seamless, effective service more important than ever, regardless of the size of your contact center. But what if the cost of workforce optimization software exceeds your budget, or you don’t need the robust feature set of an enterprise solution?

Now, contact centers of all sizes can leverage Verint® Workforce Optimization™ solutions. This award-winning set of software and services offers a comprehensive way to capture, evaluate, manage and analyze omnichannel customer interactions. Designed for small and medium-sized contact centers, Verint Workforce Optimization for the Mid-Market includes applications for voice and screen recording, quality management, workforce management and performance management. Advantages include:

Proven, Unified Solutions

Verint provides tight integration and workflow among its workforce optimization applications, along with a single user interface to help you quickly gain access to information for faster, more informed decision-making. You can start anywhere by licensing just one application and then add additional applications over time. You can also benefit from simplified system administration and maintenance, intuitive interfaces and navigation, and reduced total cost of ownership.

Award-Winning Functionality

Verint is known for its award-winning functionality. Even more important, Verint cares about its customers’ needs. That’s why it offers mid-sized contact center solutions that include streamlined product packages with a broad range of functionality. With these solutions, mid-market contact centers can obtain the most commonly requested features of Verint Workforce Optimization, Verint Quality Management™ and Verint Workforce Management™ in a way that enables them to meet their business requirements.

Flexible Deployment

Have you considered moving your workforce optimization applications to the cloud, or are you interested in upgrading your on-premises applications to a newer version? Verint Workforce Optimization can be deployed on-premises, via the cloud or as a hybrid solution, with flexible licensing methods to help you get started.

Simplified Implementation

Implementation can sometimes be the most challenging part of the deployment process. With thousands of successful global implementations, Verint can help you effectively navigate deployment and gain value from your investment.

Verint has a team dedicated to the deployment of mid-market solutions to provide a more hands-on approach. Following our proven, standardized professional services methodology, each project benefits from a customized project mapping model. Moreover, implementation of Verint Workforce Optimization for the Mid-Market is delivered at a fixed price, helping to keep your solution on budget.

Competitive Price Points

Many small to mid-sized contact centers looking for a workforce optimization solution are challenged by price point. That’s why Verint Workforce Optimization for the Mid-Market features cost-effective pricing that offers organizations a viable pathway for enhancing quality, service delivery, workforce performance, and customer experiences and engagement.

Verint’s mid-market solutions come bundled in packages that include software and services. Two package options—Essential and Professional—offer different levels of functionality to address your specific business needs.

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Ric Gray

Ric Gray is Vice President Mid-Market at Verint. Ric has more than 25 years of operations, sales, and marketing executive leadership experience building world-class teams in the high-tech arena. An accomplished leader, his vision and expertise have driven notable growth in sales and profits in the telecom, computer and software business sectors. As a leader of Verint’s Mid-Market Group, Ric’s strategy and core focus are to provide affordable, robust solutions to contact centers of all sizes.