Fast-Tracking Your Journey to Workforce Optimization: Tips for Mid-Sized Contact Centers


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Today’s mid-sized contact centers face many of the same business requirements as their larger counterparts, such as the need to drive sales, manage operating costs and deliver high-caliber customer experiences. But unlike large centers, they often address these challenges in an environment with fewer resources and a greater reliance on manual processes.

What if every size contact center could access and leverage the same enterprise software?

Some vendors have made their enterprise workforce optimization solutions available in affordable packages that are more dynamic for mid-sized contact centers. Offered in the cloud and on-premises, they can scale and meet technical requirements, while remaining cost effective. Not only are these solutions full-featured, easy-to-use and less costly to implement, they’ve also been developed specifically for centers requiring 500 or fewer licenses.

So how do you navigate selecting and purchasing a workforce optimization solution as a mid-sized contact center? Let’s look at four areas to consider when making your decision:

Service simplification and quality

For years, packaged software and services have appealed to mid-sized buyers. When purchasing workforce optimization as a mid-sized contact center, it’s important to carefully review training and consulting costs to ensure they don’t cost more than the software itself. Packaging software and services together helps to ensure simplification in the implementation process. And when deploying your solution in the cloud, services can be even faster and smoother.

Ease of management and maintenance

Look for workforce optimization solutions that are easy to manage and maintain. For example, moves, adds and changes can be performed by the vendor, rather than by you or your application administrator. These can include moves, adds and changes related to agents, business rules, extensions, workspaces, security profiles and user roles.

Integration with existing systems

Your workforce optimization vendor shouldn’t determine which technologies you use. Open APIs for integration with existing or new systems give you the flexibility of choice in technologies. When searching, an ACD-neutral vendor can deliver easy integration and faster implementation, giving you the freedom to remain independent of an ACD.

Ease of doing business

Sometimes, we all just need an “easy” button. Vendors that are easy to do business with can enable you to focus squarely on your business and the customer experience. Because the best solutions, resources and talent are often available through enterprise workforce optimization providers, they might just be the perfect mid-market solution provider. That’s where Verint® can help. Verint has a dedicated, hands-on team focused on the deployment of mid-market workforce optimization solutions. Following a proven, standardized professional services methodology, organizations benefit from a customized project mapping model, with fixed-price implementations that help adhere to schedule and budget.

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Ric Gray

Ric Gray is Vice President Mid-Market at Verint. Ric has more than 25 years of operations, sales, and marketing executive leadership experience building world-class teams in the high-tech arena. An accomplished leader, his vision and expertise have driven notable growth in sales and profits in the telecom, computer and software business sectors. As a leader of Verint’s Mid-Market Group, Ric’s strategy and core focus are to provide affordable, robust solutions to contact centers of all sizes.