Top 5 Posts in February

Contact Center Pipeline Top 5 Blog Posts

Again this month, our readers really enjoyed our new addition, Pipeline Puzzles. In the February edition, Tiffany offers a word search full of WFM acronyms, and the challenge to define them all. We sure do agree…WFMers Love Acryonms! Next up, Vicki offers insights on how to keep up with the constantly changing business and employment climate. Then, Mark and Brendan are joined by Laura and Rob, as they offer guidance for developing/revamping your training program and tips for improving your coaching techniques. To wrap up the top 5, Tiffany walks us step-by-step through the forecasting process for a WFMer. Have a look!

February Pipeline Puzzle: WFMers Love Acronyms!
Have fun with our February Pipeline Puzzles word search, sponsored by Tiffany LaReau, Human Numbers.

Put on Your Skates! The Business/Employment Climate is Changing
Employees aren’t going back to the way it was before the COVID-19 pandemic. And as the business climate continues to change, companies are reevaluating their cultures, how they hire and manage, and how they utilize technology.

Tuning the CX Engine
Contact centers are the engines of the customer experience (CX). They move the CX forward with skilled agent drivers at the wheels guiding the vehicles and adapting to conditions to help customers get to where they want to go safely, reliably, and yes rapidly on their journeys.

A Deep-Dive into WFM: The Forecast Algorithm
There’s a lot that goes into a functioning workforce management (WFM) plan. But that all gets boiled down into a single question: “Do we have enough people to make our service goal next Tuesday at 3 pm?” When you can definitively answer that question, then you know WFM.

A Conversation on Coaching and Training
As a call center coach and trainer, I have had the honor of meeting, talking to, and sharing insights with and learning from many other industry professionals. No matter what type, function, size, or vertical of the call center we work or have worked for, we share the same issues but also the opportunities to improve our service to customers.