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Contact Center Agent Retention

Agent Retention: Closing the Revolving Door

We know that agent turnover—particularly among entry-level staff—is still the No. 1 challenge for contact centers. As Matt Stevenson, Mercer Partner and Leader of...
Call Center Gamification a Holistic Approach for the Call Center Agent Lifecycle

Gamification: A Holistic Approach for the Agent Lifecycle

Climbing a traditional career ladder is not for everyone. Some agents may be perfectly content to spend their entire careers in the contact center...
Review of Niche Technologies in the Call Center

Some Nice Niche Technologies

Mainstream technologies get a lot of press. As the backbone of contact center operations, they’re on everyone’s radar and they need to function at...
Gamification Four Best Practices to Motivate Call Center Agents

Gamification: 4 Best Practices to Motivate Agents

A growing number of companies are using gamification in the contact center to motivate agents to improve their performance and skills. “We’re finding that...