Top 5 Posts in May

Contact Center Pipeline Top 5 Blog Posts

Throughout the month of May, our readers have been heavily focused on the role technology plays in improving our contact centers, as well as how best to find and retain top agents. Chris discusses why agent attrition rates continue to be so high, what you can do to prevent agents from leaving, and how AI can help. Hardy introduces us to the AI powerhouse duo, Generative and Conversational AI.

Brendan touches base with several leading suppliers to bring us up to speed on what is happening with UCC in the contact centers. Vickie guides us through updating our staffing models to retain agents in the New Normal. Finally, we take a look behind the scenes with Michael at Virgin Pulse’s award-winning customer service team.

The Agent Experience Imperative
Contact center attrition rates have risen to new heights during the COVID-19 pandemic, and there’s no sign of that turnover slowing down. But if contact center leaders don’t act swiftly, they risk alienating their agents and seeing them walk out the door.

The AI Duo Contact Centers Need
There has been much chatter recently about Generative AI. So, let’s deep dive into it and discover how it can help contact centers.

The Virtual Shift
Unified communications and collaboration (UCC) applications can be considered as the electronic solder that holds the contact center together. These solutions facilitate outside and inside team and management communication over multiple channels. They also permit “informal agents”: staff in small companies and departments and subject matter experts (SMEs) to engage with customers.

The Hiring Game Has Changed
While many jobs come with a fair amount of stress, few positions are as taxing as that of an associate in a busy contact center who must regularly handle difficult customer service issues.

Winning Customer and Employee Support
Success: achieving and exceeding your goals, whether personal or in an organization, is its own reward. But it is great when you are recognized. Virgin Pulse provides blended digital and live person-based health and wellbeing programs for employers. They are aimed at helping employees understand and take action to meet their personal goals.