Top 5 Posts in June

Contact Center Pipeline Top 5 Blog Posts

AI has been front and center in our readers’ minds this month. For the second month in a row, “The AI Duo Contact Centers Need” has hit our Top 5. In his article, Hardy explains the powerhouse technology duo that is Generative AI combined with Conversational AI, and how this pair can raise your overall CX to the next level.

Then, Vasili outlines how to overcome today’s contact center obstacles, such as workforce shortage and higher competition, by modernizing your CX for a more seamless, excellent experience. Jeff walks us through how to choose the right technology to meet your company’s needs and provide you with the highest ROI. Jennifer details the importance of combining your QM with analytics applications to garner the most from your customer interactions to improve experiences.

Lastly, Todd weighs in on how integrating your WFM and payroll software not only simplifies the process for your agents but also saves your WFM extensive time throughout their day. Enjoy June’s Top 5!

The AI Duo Contact Centers Need
There has been much chatter recently about Generative AI. So, let’s deep dive into it and discover how it can help contact centers. Generative AI is a type of artificial intelligence (AI) that focuses on creating new content or output based on an understanding of data inputs and patterns, referred to as “prompts.” Unlike traditional AI systems that follow predefined rules and patterns, Generative AI uses deep learning algorithms to analyze existing data and generate new outputs that are not limited to existing data.

CX: The Key to Driving ROI
In today’s marketplace, challenges are on the rise. Between increased competition, the workforce shortage, and inflation surging to a record 40-year high, businesses simply can’t afford to add customer churn to the mix.

4 Tips to Align Tech with Business Goals
The goal of any organization is to be more data-driven. This means making business decisions that are rooted in deep intelligence and that drive growth. But collecting and analyzing data in a way that is meaningful isn’t easy. One promising place with previously untapped potential that many enterprises have started to invest in is the contact center or customer service center.

Upleveling Contact Center QM to the Analytics Age
Exceptional customer experiences (CXs) are critical to short- and long-term business success. Because of this, it’s instrumental to have a detailed understanding of what occurs during each customer interaction and along the customer journey. In fact, these insights have shifted from nice-to-have to need-to-have.

WFM+Payroll Working Together
The job of today’s workforce management (WFM) analyst within a contact center doesn’t look the same as ten years ago. A role traditionally known for getting agents in seats in a cost-conscious way through accurate forecasting and precise scheduling now also manages the time off process, agent skills, preferences, and more.