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Letting Customers Depart Gracefully

Letting Customers Depart Gracefully

“Ride our bike for 50 days; if you don’t like it, return it, no questions asked.” “Cancel your subscription for those razor blades—it’s OK, we...
Engaging the C-Wing

How to Improve Your Center’s Loyalty and Retention Rates

There is no such thing as, “just an address change” or a “simple customer question.” Every interaction is a loyalty situation: How that interaction...
promoting a culture of attendance

10 Common Retention Mistakes

Some of the best lessons about customer service happen when you are the customer. In my case, I spent 20 years as a loyal...
Platinum Service

What Comes First: Platinum Status or Platinum Service?

I travel often, and so I am generally at one of the highest status levels for the airline I fly, the hotel where I...