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The Top 5 Posts in March

In early March, workforce management topped the charts on the Pipeline blog, with Human Numbers’ Tiffany LaReau blogging live from the SWPP Annual Conference,...
Platinum Service

What Comes First: Platinum Status or Platinum Service?

I travel often, and so I am generally at one of the highest status levels for the airline I fly, the hotel where I...
Irate Caller

Dealing with Irate Callers: How to Prepare Your Agents

Dealing with irate callers can wear down even the most motivated agent. That can result in burnout or turnover. Since the cost to hire...
Practice Forgiveness

Practice Forgiveness

Have you heard of The Golden Rule? It’s common English phrasing is: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. The Golden Rule,...
Training Budget

Get the Most Out of Your Training Budget

Training can be one of the biggest costs in any contact center. If you take several hundred (or thousand) agents and multiple that by...
Call Center Agent Appreciation

”My Husband Just Died“: What Will Your Agents Do Next?

While sitting on the panel during a town hall meeting of contact center leaders, I was asked by Mary, one of the attendees, “I...
Slow service

What Causes Slow Service?

Speed is the ultimate compliment that we can pay our customers. It shows that we value their time and we recognize they have better...