Top 5 Posts in March

Contact Center Pipeline Top 5 Blog Posts

Hybrid, remote, or fully in-person? This month, our top blog posts are all about how to move forward in the new normal. Our authors offer insights on hiring and training remotely, the best ways to attract new hires in the midst of the Great Resignation, engaging with your agents, and a variety of workforce optimization solutions. As well, readers are interested in how to make delight intentional to improve your CX.

Working on Workforce Issues
It is a good news/troubling news story for contact centers. How they and their supplier partners plan and respond will help determine how well the industry succeeds in the post-COVID-19 pandemic “new normal” era.

The Tone of Voice is Everything
At my first call center job, I learned the ropes and learned the most that I could from my trainers, team leaders, mentors, and neighbors.

Refining Remote Working
Going remote was just the beginning. If 2020 was about transitioning and uncertainty, consider 2021 the year of acceptance and innovation as contact centers embrace the new reality.

Making Delight Intentional
Contact centers have traditionally focused on solving problems and handling questions. Efficiency has been the watchword.

7 Ideas to Build Engagement with Work-From-Home Agents
“Now that we’re working from home, no one else (in the company) knows who we are,” said a veteran contact center agent during one of my sales training classes.