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Your Call Center IVR with a Brain

Enhancing Phone Self-Service: “IVR with a Brain”

Poorly designed IVR applications have been frustrating callers for years—and in too many cases, alienating customers rather than providing a quick and easy way...
Search Analytics Provides Key Insights into Self-Service Experience

Search Analytics Provides Key Insights into Self-Service Experience

With online self-service, getting customers to accurate information with as little effort as possible can provide them with a high-value experience while meeting the...
Upgrade the Contact Center Self-Service Experience

Contact Center Pipeline Magazine: Inside Our June 2016 Issue

Summer is almost upon us at Contact Center Pipeline. We would love for you to tuck us in your beach bag or enjoy us...
Tips for Building Customer Communities

Building Customer Communities: Tips for Long-Term Success

If your organization is like many forward-thinking, customer-centric businesses today, you already know that social networks can bolster the visibility of your company. You...
3 Contact Center Technology Tips for Better Assisted Self Service

3 Technology Enablers Make Assisted Service Shine

Most centers have done an admirable job providing options for customers to self-serve. In fact, they’d love it if customers could handle all of...
Contact Center Self Service as a Customer Satisfying Experience

Self-Service as a Customer-Satisfying Experience

Contact centers exist to support customers who need to access information or complete transactions. Companies can reduce costs by addressing those needs, partially if...
Mobile Self Service

Empower Customers with Mobile Self-Service

Many customers prefer to forgo the human interaction and opt to self-serve through a company’s website or IVR system. The rapidly growing popularity of...
Slow service

What Causes Slow Service?

Speed is the ultimate compliment that we can pay our customers. It shows that we value their time and we recognize they have better...
End to End

3 Tips for Driving Process Excellence

Identifying the barriers that lead to a poor customer experience (and increased traffic to the call center) requires an enterprisewide review of customer touchpoints...