Top 5 Posts in December

Contact Center Pipeline Top 5 Blog Posts

Throughout December, our readers have focused on two big topics over on the blog: how to provide the best customer experience via an omnichannel approach and navigating the challenges of recruiting, training, and retaining the best agents. Tom shares with us his top three guiding principles for creating positive change for both the agent and the customer. Mark, who made the top 5 list twice this month, shares strategies for helping agents deal with both the customer’s frustrations, as well as their own. He also shares tips for attracting, training, and retaining top agents.

Andrea shares results from Kustomer’s survey highlighting customers’ desires for a united and seamless omnichannel approach. In our Vendor Roundtable, readers gained insights from NICE CXone, Talkdesk, Cisco, 8×8, and UJET, on what customers want in terms of self-service, AI, and omnichannel approaches, and how they anticipate this landscape to change in the near future.

How to Create a Brighter Future for Agents
The customer experience (CX) world has been flipped on its head over the last two years. What we saw happen within contact centers at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic was simultaneously too much and too little of everything.

Ending Caller and Agent Frustration
We live in a challenging, high-stress time that has become known as the new normal. Unfortunately, it has led too often to frayed tempers, rudeness, and a lack of respect. All of which collide in the contact center, resulting in caller and agent frustration and dissatisfaction.

Vendor Roundtable: Multiple Channels, Challenges, and Opportunities
There has always been, and will continue to be, a blend of predictability and unpredictability when managing inbound customer contacts. When there is a planned event, like a new product or service launch, upgrade, price or service change, acquisition or closure, an organization can expect more customer inquiries, including web traffic. But there are issues and questions that suddenly crop up, like with a product, service, or payment, or worse a data breach or other disaster.

Call Center Training in the New Era
The COVID-19 pandemic did disrupt the old normal of grabbing coffee and rushing into the office. Today it’s more like hitting the alarm and running to your work desk to log in to take calls.

The Way Customers Communicate with Brands Is Changing
Change. It’s inevitable, as they say. But over the past few years it’s felt like the world as we know it has been transforming at lightspeed. During the early days of the pandemic, the digitization of customer interactions accelerated by three to four years, with three times as many companies saying 80% of their customer interactions were now digital in nature. And this shift shows no signs of slowing.