Top 5 Posts in April

Contact Center Pipeline Top 5 Blog Posts

Congratulations to Kathleen Peterson, author of two of the Top 5 Blog Posts for the month of April! In her first article “The Future is Now…” Kathleen stresses the importance of agent retention, especially today with the staggering number of “more than one million open Contact Center agent positions in the United States.” She says the key is making your center a “good place to work.” Meet the needs of your agents so they will successfully meet the needs of your callers. Kathleen’s second Top 5 Post focuses on exploring your personal Brand. An investment in your Brand “drives professional development which, in turn, drives professional value.”

Leo Lanzillo shares with us the value and insights gained from having a robust Quality Monitoring program. John Bell details the core role your telecom carrier plays in your company’s successful CX. Sharon Oatway rounds out our list with tips for coaching our tenured employees.

The Future is Now … Agents in “High Demand”
The idiom “in demand” is defined as “greatly sought after, designed, or required by many people. Sometimes it is used with the modifier “high” before or in the middle of the phrase. I don’t know about you, but I am very happy to use “in high demand” when it comes to Contact Center agents!

The Transformational Power of Quality Monitoring
As customer expectations and channels for outreach continue to evolve, the contact center is becoming more and more complex and critical. Contact center associates need to be able to quickly assess where customers are in their journeys and navigate between multiple systems and screens to solve issues, all while remaining empathetic and professional in the face of potentially frustrated customers.

The Hidden Role of Telecom
Customer experience (CX) is the key to building brand loyalty in a post-COVID world. And poor CX costs enterprises $75 billion annually (Forbes). Many enterprises have addressed these issues but also opportunities by moving communications to the cloud to create new, powerful, time-saving, and value-adding experiences for both customer service agents and consumers.

How 2 Brand U
We all need to engage in continuous learning about Brand – our company brand, creating a branded experience, generating brand energy, etc. But what about our personal Brand? I’d like to spur some thinking on How 2 Brand U (that is Brand Y. O. U.) Each of us in this mighty workplace brings something to the table. Do you know what that something is? Have you defined your personal Brand or is your Brand being defined for you? Taking control of your personal Brand may be a defining moment in your professional development!

QA and Coaching for Experienced Agents
If you have ever attempted to coach a contact center agent with 10-plus years of experience, then you already know that it is a very different scenario than coaching someone with two to three years of experience.