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Contact Center Pipeline is monthly journal focused on the specific needs and challenges of the contact center. Our advisory board, editor, writers and contributors are known for their unique understanding of what makes the call center the organization's driving force for service delivery, aligning customer experience and ensuring long-term business success.
Call Center Training ROI

Call Center Training ROI

Which types of contact center training produce the best ROI? In our recent Contact Center Training Special Issue, we asked experts from the leading...
align frontline training with QA

How to Align Frontline Training with QA Results

As more organizations turn to customer experience as a competitive differentiator, contact centers must ensure that staff are fully prepared to drive customer-centric goals....
Ongoing Frontline Training

Do Frontline Agents Receive Enough Ongoing Training?

We asked that question in a recent poll on Contact Center Training. The majority (84%) of participating contact centers reported providing ongoing training for...

The Top 5 Posts in March

In early March, workforce management topped the charts on the Pipeline blog, with Human Numbers’ Tiffany LaReau blogging live from the SWPP Annual Conference,...
Author Q and A

Author Q&A: Backstage at the Customer Experience

A successful theater production requires precise timing and teamwork from the players both onstage and backstage. The stage crew, director, choreographer, costume and set...

The Top 5 Posts in February

Take a look at our top five blog posts for the month to see which topics your fellow contact center professionals were most interested...
Contact Center Training Survey Announcement

Who Receives Training in Your Contact Center?

More organizations are focusing on employee learning and development as a critical component for building employee engagement and a successful culture. What does this...
A Day in the Contact Center with Tim Heidemann

A Day in the Contact Center with TIM HEIDEMANN

When it comes to running a contact center, it would be hard to find someone with more know-how than TIM HEIDEMANN. With a long...
Contact Center Analytics

Contact Center Analytics: A Look at Goals Vs. Current Use

Do contact centers derive value from their analytics tools? In our 2014 Contact Center Analytics Survey, conducted by Strategic Contact and Contact Center Pipeline,...
A Day in the Contact Center

A Day in the Contact Center with LINDSEY ANSLOW

LINDSEY ANSLOW has dedicated her career to working in customer-centric contact centers. As Director of Operations at DependableIT, a third-party provider of commercial and residential...