Illustration by Eric Jackson

In early March, workforce management topped the charts on the Pipeline blog, with Human Numbers’ Tiffany LaReau blogging live from the SWPP Annual Conference, and even taking the time to conduct a workforce manager salary poll with conference attendees. Other hot posts included a look at whether or not companies should provide elite status service to all customers, improving the center’s applicant intake process, and how to help frontline staff deal with irate callers.

SWPP: Workforce Manager Salary Poll Results
During my three days in Nashville, I conducted an in-person poll to find out the average salary for a workforce manager. 82 conference attendees participated.

SWPP Day 1 Review: WFM, Moonshine and Juggling
First of all, I just have to say, the Omni hotel is amazing. What better way to wrap up a fantastic day than with a $13 glass of moonshine in the bar downstairs?
One of the hot topics in the “Ask The Workforce Wizard” session was, “What do I do when the business has lost its faith in the WFM team?” The panel had a lot of great suggestions.

What Comes First: Platinum Status or Platinum Service?
I travel often, and so I am generally at one of the highest status levels for the airline I fly, the hotel where I sleep, or the rental car that I drive. Occasionally, though, I need to use a travel company that does not know me very well, and I get the “standard customer” treatment. While it is not ideal, I like to view these times as a way to “try out” someone new to see if there is a better provider out there.

Cut Attrition with an Effective Applicant Intake Process: Assessments and Realistic Job Previews
If your applicant intake process involves fogging a mirror, you may be hiring, not selecting.
According to a Purdue University study on decreasing attrition in a contact center environment, you can reduce your attrition by 21% by implementing an applicant intake process that includes a realistic job preview, assessments and a behavioral interview.

Dealing with Irate Callers: How to Prepare Your Agents
Dealing with irate callers can wear down even the most motivated agent. That can result in burnout or turnover. Since the cost to hire and train a replacement is high, it is better to help your existing staff cope better with angry callers with training, coaching, policies and practices.