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Handling Irate Customers in the Financial Services Industry

“How dare you call my employer to confirm my job status!” “The mortgage broker said my house was worth more than you think!” “My credit rating...

Don’t Push My Buttons

It provides a sense of threat… that there is an “or else” at the end of that command! We live in a world where...

The Top 5 Posts in March

In early March, workforce management topped the charts on the Pipeline blog, with Human Numbers’ Tiffany LaReau blogging live from the SWPP Annual Conference,...
Irate Caller

Dealing with Irate Callers: Providing Post-Call Support

In a previous blog post, I provided tips to help managers and team leaders prepare their frontline agents to handle irate callers. It’s also...
Irate Caller

Dealing with Irate Callers: How to Prepare Your Agents

Dealing with irate callers can wear down even the most motivated agent. That can result in burnout or turnover. Since the cost to hire...
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