Contact Center Analytics
Illustration by Shelton Davis

Do contact centers derive value from their analytics tools? In our 2014 Contact Center Analytics Survey, conducted by Strategic Contact and Contact Center Pipeline, we compared the goals that survey participants initially set out to achieve with how they currently use their analytics.

Analytics Figure 2

As the figure shows, the participants’ current use of analytics aligns with their initial goals fairly well, but there are some trends and gaps to note. The highest-ranking goals and usage emphasize both internal and external-facing goals, seeking to improve the center’s efficiency and agent performance, as well as the customer experience. Improving agent performance is the area of greatest success by a noticeable margin, with a low gap between goals and use.

Interestingly, increasing revenue or retention is relatively low on the list even though nearly half of participants include sales as part of their center’s role. Things that impact other departments (products/services, marketing, competitive insight, improve systems, even compliance) are lower on the goals list and/or have bigger gap between goals and use—perhaps due to the challenges of cross-departmental collaboration due to organizational silos and varying priorities.