Illustration by Eric Jackson

Our top blog post in July offered insights from AllStaff’s Eric Berg about customers’ views of offshore contact centers—why offshore centers have an image problem and the impact on Customer Effort Scores. Other hot topics for the month included omnichannel strategy, contact center metrics and employee engagement.

Customer Perception: Offshore vs. America
In the course of my business I speak to a few hundred contact center executives every year. One of the topics that seems to come up frequently is their offshore contact center outsourcing successes, failures and strategies. Overall, outsourcing contacts to foreign countries is often perceived to be a necessary evil for a company wanting to be competitive in the global market.

Omnichannel Strategy: How to Identify and Prioritize Customer Channels
Last month, we shared insights from industry solutions providers about the top challenges that contact centers face when transitioning their strategy from multichannel to omnichannel, as well as the important first steps to take on your journey. In today’s post, our panel of experts offers useful advice about how to identify—and prioritize—the customer channels on which to focus your efforts and resources.

Top Challenges When Evolving from Multi- to Omnichannel
While many organizations are currently providing multichannel customer service, few as yet have evolved their strategy and systems to deliver a true omnichannel customer experience—one that is seamless and personalized, even when switching channels. What are the top challenges that contact centers face when transitioning to an omnichannel strategy?

Rethinking Contact Center Metrics: The Problem with Averages
While the contact center environment has evolved a great deal over the past decades, some metrics have not. Many centers focus on metrics that have been in place for years without considering whether they still make sense for the current business environment. Or, in some cases, the metrics may make sense for the operation, but they’re being measured the wrong way.

A New Approach to Employee Engagement
Albert Einstein defined insanity as ”doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.“ Business books rarely start with quotes from Einstein or ones about insanity. However, we’re talking about employee engagement (actually its lack) and the desperate need for a new approach.