A Day in the Contact Center
Illustration by Bryn Bodayle

LINDSEY ANSLOW has dedicated her career to working in customer-centric contact centers. As Director of Operations at DependableIT, a third-party provider of commercial and residential technical and premium technical support based in Burlington, Ontario, Lindsey heads an multiple award-winning service and support operation. Her passion for developing and growing her people is evident in the contact center’s staff support and ongoing development practices, as well as its high levels of employee engagement. Lindsey recently took time out of her busy schedule to share her thoughts about her career and what she values most about being a contact center leader.

Lindsey Anslow, DependableIT
Lindsey Anslow, DependableIT

My top daily challenge:
My top daily challenge is keeping the fine balance between meeting all the many different goals (operational and financial) on each business line, keeping our clients happy, and ensuring that our employees are happy and in the best place possible to deliver optimal customer satisfaction results each and every day. Also, ensuring that effective communication is a constant to keeping everyone in the loop and on the same page is my daily goal and challenge.

What I look forward to every day:
I look at every day as a clean sheet, learning from the challenges the day before, putting measures in place to improve the results and continue to keep the eye on the end-of-day, end-of-month and end-of-year goals. [quote_center]Every day, I truly look forward to interacting with the employees and engaging with them on a personal level.[/quote_center] I am at heart a people person, and I couldn’t do this job if people were not at the center of what I do every day.

What has surprised me the most about running a contact center?
The fine detail that is required to keep all of the widgets moving in sync—and the levels of complexity and nuances needed to keep the ship on an even keel continues to surprise me. Paying attention to the finer details and understanding how those fine details impact the overall big picture is what creates success.

If I had one best practice to share it would be:
Communication, communication and communication. I always say it three times because it truly is what keeps the business aligned and on the same page. A great plan is nothing without effective communication on how the delivery will be executed. Keeping everyone up to speed in a very fast-paced and ever-changing environment is difficult, but when done well, it does make the process so much smoother. When not done well (and believe me I am speaking from experience), the process is impeded and takes much longer to complete in the long run.

The most useful tool/technology that I rely on every day:
If I were to pick technology for this, I would go with my iPhone. This little piece of equipment keeps me connected at all times and able to perform my duties while away from my desk. I see this as a way to keep connected with the world, my team and my family in ways that would never have been imagined a few years ago.

I would say that the other most useful tool that I go to each and every day and could not survive without is my team. I am fortunate enough to have a loyal, eager and committed team of individuals who work well together and alone to support me—I couldn’t do it without them.

The best advice I’ve received in my career:
Many years ago, when I was an eager beaver wanting the next promotion, a very experienced manager once said to me, [quote_center]“Lindsey, I can’t promote you—there is no one to do your current job if I do.”[/quote_center] Those few words completely changed my outlook about developing the people around me to have them ready to take that next step. I am a huge advocate for development at every level, and I am always constantly looking for ways to grow and strengthen the people within the team. That advice, given in the way that it was, started my love of coaching and development and led me to the path I am on today.

What I’m most proud of:
As mentioned, my love is people and encouraging growth in those people. What I am most proud of is seeing that growth and the strides taken by the people who I have coached and mentored over the years to achieve their own goals when encouraged to step outside their comfort zones. Recognizing and growing potential makes me very happy—even if they eventually move on to other roles outside the organization. Knowing that, even in a small way, I had a part to play in that is very rewarding for me.