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Say Goodbye to Agent Turnover, Not Your Agents

Say Goodbye to Agent Turnover, Not Your Agents

If you’ve ever managed a call center, chances are you’re familiar with the constant cycle of agent churn. You invest time and money into...
Contact Center Pipeline Top 5 Blog Posts

Top 5 Posts in January

A cold, dark January has translated into more time spent reading industry blogs. Pipeline readers kicked off the new year by browsing forward-looking topics...
What to Do When Your IVR Goes Out of Support

What to Do When Your IVR Goes Out of Support

As some folks gaze into the future, they see a world filled with smartphones where users routinely text instead of call. With that in...
A More Cost Efficient Contact Center in 2018

To a More Cost-Efficient 2018

Many of you reading this are likely in the throes of it right now: the annual budgeting process. You are being pressured to “do...
Welcome to Our Contact Center

Welcome to Our Contact Center!

You barely started reading this article, and you are already forming an opinion about it. Most importantly, you are deciding whether or not it...
Speech Analytics and Quality Monitoring

Speech Rec… or Speech Wreck?

We have been implementing and tweaking speech recognition systems on a pretty regular basis for the past 10 years. Many contact centers (especially the...
Your Call Center IVR with a Brain

Enhancing Phone Self-Service: “IVR with a Brain”

Poorly designed IVR applications have been frustrating callers for years—and in too many cases, alienating customers rather than providing a quick and easy way...
Contact Center Self Service as a Customer Satisfying Experience

Self-Service as a Customer-Satisfying Experience

Contact centers exist to support customers who need to access information or complete transactions. Companies can reduce costs by addressing those needs, partially if...