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Inside View: Sweetwater Founder & CEO Chuck Surack

In 1979, when musician and entrepreneur Chuck Surack founded Sweetwater Sound, a mobile recording studio in the back of his VW bus, he never...
Contact Centers are Revenue Engines

Lost in the Labyrinth: If Information is Currency, Contact Centers are Revenue Engines

In this installment of the Lost in the Labyrinth series, I position the contact center as the enterprise “fuel” for revenue engines and the...
Navigating the Call Center Agent Desktop

Navigating the Agent Desktop Landscape

Every contact center looks for ways to be more effective and efficient in handling customer contacts. Process improvement is a high impact opportunity. Yet...
Underutilized Metrics

CRM and the Contact Center

If you think customer relationship management (CRM) software can only play in the sales sandbox, think again. CRM provides a host of capabilities that...
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