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Optimizing the Exceptions

Differentiator Series, Part 3: Optimizing the Exceptions

Contact centers deal in volume. That’s obvious in the 20,000-seat center, and on a relative scale, it is just as true in a 20-seat...
The Power of Collaboration in the Contact Call Center

Technology to Empower Agents: Intelligent Desktops

An empowered work environment is one in which agents have a sense of ownership over their work and the right tools to do their...
Key Metrics to Include in Your Call Center Omnichannel Strategy

Key Metrics to Include in Your Omnichannel Strategy

Our omnichannel series has offered key insights from industry experts on the top challenges that contact centers face when transitioning their strategy from multichannel...
Measuring FCR

Measuring FCR: Timing Affects Feedback Validity

Post-transaction surveys provide a customer-centric view of when first-contact resolution (FCR) has been achieved. But even with customer surveys, the most common methods often...

The Top 5 Posts in February

Take a look at our top five blog posts for the month to see which topics your fellow contact center professionals were most interested...
First Contact Resolution

Finding Your FCR Opportunities

Any contact received from a customer comes with a set of expectations, and one of those is that the issue will be completely resolved...