Top 5 Posts in November

Contact Center Pipeline Top 5 Blog Posts

Holiday travel provides a lot of down time (aka blog reading time) at the airport, on trains, as a car passenger. Pipeline blog readers took advantage of their spare moments this month to catch up on the topics that are trending and some that are always relevant for running a high-performing contact center. The following are the top 5 posts this month. Enjoy!

How AI Will Change the Nature of Contact Center Work
There is no doubt that artificial intelligence, robotics and automation in the contact center offer the potential to drive faster, more consistent around-the-clock service and deliver higher customer satisfaction. Or that senior executives are enthralled with the possibilities for enhancing products and services, automating routine tasks and improving decision-making.

5 Important Trends That Impact Contact Centers Today and into the Future
Trends drive business and social behavior, which is why we are always interested in observing and analyzing those that will impact contact centers and their suppliers now and into the future. Following are five over-arching business trends from Pelorus Associates’ latest report, 2018 World Market for Workforce Management Systems Market.

Measuring First-Contact Resolution
In an ideal world, first-contact resolution (FCR) metrics reflect the customer’s perspective. They capture the center’s ability to resolve the customer’s inquiry within each channel as well as track movement across channels. They establish links across multiple contacts if it takes more than one interaction to put matters to rest. And the underlying calculations are immune to any mathematical manipulation that might render the center’s performance artificially high.

Inside View: TaskUs
A lot of companies claim to put their employees first, but few actively seek the contact center staff’s input and take action on it. Enter TaskUs, an unconventional BPO whose employee-centric culture not only encourages frontline feedback, but it is also an important factor in decision-making—everything from which clients to take on to performance metrics, employee development, benefits and workspace design.

Plan and Measure = Pleasure
Like all humans, contact center leaders are driven by the brain’s insatiable desire to experience PLEASURE and in so doing avoid PAIN! I think I have a PLAN to accomplish this mission. Planning is essential to business in general and to contact centers in particular. While I believe that metrics and measurements are firmly entrenched in management’s mind, I am not so certain about planning.