Top 5 Posts in October

Contact Center Pipeline Top 5 Blog Posts

What’s not to like about October… fall foliage, pumpkin spice lattes, Halloween and, in the industry, Customer Service Week. Our top 5 blog posts of the month included a collection of CSW-friendly recognition tips, along with how to ensure consistent quality across customer communication channels, keeping a lid on drama in the workplace, a quick review of FCR methodologies along with cautions based on the imperfections of each approach, and a look at the very real risk of social engineering attacks on your frontline agents and how to train them to recognize the signs.

QA in an Omnichannel World
Customers expect choices when they need to reach out for service or support. They want to interact with brands via their preferred channel, be it voice, text, chat, social media or email. Companies generally are doing their best to accommodate customers’ access demands by adding more digital channels to their lineup. However, in the rush to open new channels of communication, too many are skipping over critical steps that are necessary to ensure that the overall customer experience is efficient, holistic and consistent.

Stop Drama from Poisoning Your Customer Service Team
In my 25 years in the contact center industry, I have seen a lot of drama. Before I knew how to handle it, I watched it do real damage to teams and organizations. It usually starts with increased attrition and distracted and disengaged employees, and ends with poor performance and spiraling customer satisfaction. In this article, I will define the different types of drama that can poison a call center. I’ll also share tactics I have found that can reverse the infectious negativity drama brings.

Top 10 Posts for Customer Service Week Inspiration
Happy Customer Service Week! No doubt you’ve already planned a week-long celebration for your customer care team that includes daily activities and recognition for their dedication and hard work. If you need a few more ideas or a bump of inspiration to keep the appreciation flowing, the following are our top 10 posts filled with tips for recognizing your staff.

Measuring First-Contact Resolution
In an ideal world, first-contact resolution (FCR) metrics reflect the customer’s perspective. They capture the center’s ability to resolve the customer’s inquiry within each channel as well as track movement across channels. They establish links across multiple contacts if it takes more than one interaction to put matters to rest. And the underlying calculations are immune to any mathematical manipulation that might render the center’s performance artificially high.

Are You Protected? Why Every Contact Center Needs Social Engineering Training
Imagine there is an angry customer calling your contact center. They threaten to cancel their service. They provide their name and mailing address, but cannot remember their account number or security password. However, they are shouting and threatening to complain on social media regarding supposedly unfair charges to their account.