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Top 5 Posts in March

Our most-read blog post in March was Kathleen Peterson’s insightful look back at McKinsey & Company’s decade-old research into the impact of Moments of...
The moment of truth in customer service

Moment of Truth

The origin of the idiom Moment of Truth is a “translation of the Spanish el Momento de la Verdad, signifying the point in a...
Mindful Communication in the Call Center

Let ’Em Have It or Bite Your Tongue

The American Heritage Dictionary of Idioms defines the phrase to “let someone have it” as originating in the mid-1800s and meaning “to give a...
Call Center Agent Appreciation

”My Husband Just Died“: What Will Your Agents Do Next?

While sitting on the panel during a town hall meeting of contact center leaders, I was asked by Mary, one of the attendees, “I...