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Jim Rembach is a former frontline supervisor and top industry influencer. He is the President of the Call Center Coach Virtual Leadership Academy, Host of the Fast Leader Show Podcast, Customer Service Weekly Podcast, and the Contact Center Virtual Summit. He is a Certified Emotional Intelligence Practitioner, Employee Retention Specialist, Better Place to Work Expert, and Team Quotient Expert.

5 Reasons You are Probably Missing the Greatest Opportunity in Our Industry

One of our most basic emotions is fear. It causes us to freeze, flee, fight or appease. When it comes to taking advantage of...
A common cause of customer service new-hire turnover in contact centers

Quick Tip: One Word That Infuriates Customers (and You Use It Everyday)

Are your agents saying the right thing? If you are like most call center leaders, quality assurance requires a lot of your attention and...
lost art asking questions

Lost Art of Asking Questions Is Priceless

Proper questioning and inquisition has become a lost art in modern society. For many, it has gone beyond being a lost art in society...
Retaining vs Defecting Customers

When Retaining Customers Is Worse Than Defecting Customers

You are a bad customer. We are all bad customers… now. Or we at least have greater potential to be bad customers. Many years...
Call Center Agent Appreciation

”My Husband Just Died“: What Will Your Agents Do Next?

While sitting on the panel during a town hall meeting of contact center leaders, I was asked by Mary, one of the attendees, “I...
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