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Training Budget Part2

More Tips to Maximize Your Training Investment

In my previous post, I offered five tips to stretch your training dollars and do more with less. The following are five more ideas that can help you make a bigger impact with training,...
Training Budget

Get the Most Out of Your Training Budget

Training can be one of the biggest costs in any contact center. If you take several hundred (or thousand) agents and multiple that by the number of new things they need to learn each...
Why Training Matters

Why Training Matters: Linking Training Program Success to Larger Company Goals

Wait a minute, if it’s 2015, shouldn’t we have flying cars by now? Much to the disappointment of Marty McFly from “Back to the Future,” I’m sure, there are lots of things we haven’t...
Training Aligned

Is Your Contact Center Training Aligned with Organizational Goals?

It’s an unfortunate reality in many companies that staff development becomes an easy target anytime the budget needs to be tightened. Once training resources are cut, they’re often among the last to recover. Does...
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