Top 5 Posts in January

Contact Center Pipeline Top 5 Blog Posts

Our most read blog post in January was “Moving Forward: What Will 2024 Bring For Contact Centers?” This is one that we do every year and it is always a favorite of ours here at Pipeline. We kick off each January with our Pipeline Advisory Board sharing their insights on what contact center trends they foresee for the year ahead, and how they compare to the previous year. This is always such an insightful piece that helps us all to align our focus for the year ahead.

Also this month, readers learned how to improve their coaching, thereby improving their agent and customer experiences, with Mike’s “12 Tips for Effective Coaching.” Then, Jeff shared advice on improving the CX, specifically in the consumer packaged goods space. Next, Dan explained exactly what workforce management is and why it is so vitally important in our centers.

Another of our most popular blog posts this month was our newest addition, Pipeline Puzzles. Tiffany’s December puzzle, Time Is on My Side: WFM Metrics & Data, was a hit! Give it a try if you haven’t had the opportunity yet.

Moving Forward: What Will 2024 Bring For Contact Centers?
New methods and promising notably artificial intelligence (AI)-driven technologies are driving innovations that could make products and services more useful, user (both customer and employee)-friendly and supportive, efficient, reliable, and productive.

Transforming CPG Customer Experiences
In the consumer packaged goods (CPG) space, whether a brand views customer service as a powerful marketing tool or as a cost of doing business, one thing is certain: customer experience (CX) is vital to their success and brand reputation.

12 Tips for Effective Coaching
Why is coaching important? Coaching has a direct impact on individual agent performance. But it also affects overall customer experience (CX).

December Pipeline Puzzle: Time Is on My Side
Check out our newest addition…Pipeline Puzzles, sponsored by Tiffany LaReau, Human Numbers. Take a crack at our December puzzle!

Why WFM Matters
After being in WFM for over 15 years I’ve come up with a few answers to “So what do you do?” If I want to sound complicated and shut down the conversation I reply, “I work in forecasting and analytics. Lots of number crunching.” When I want to sound helpful and maybe further the conversation I say, “I help contact centers be productive.”