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Contact Center Pipeline Top 5 Blog Posts

As 2021 draws to a close, our readers are looking to improve their enterprise operations by promoting their value and visibility, harnessing the power of IVAs, and utilizing all the data the contact center holds. Our readers are also finding out just how to arm their supervisors with the tools necessary to adapt and pivot in the post-pandemic world, thus leading their agents and centers to success!

How Contact Center Insights Can Improve Enterprise Operations
What do you picture when someone says “contact center”? Rows of employees at computers with headsets? An office full of tiny cubicles? Personally, I picture a giant treasure chest overflowing with gold. No, I’m not insane… at least I don’t think so. But when I think of contact centers, the first thing that comes to mind is the massive amounts of data they generate every day. And that data is more valuable to your business than gold. Contact centers themselves have been embracing the value of this data for a while now, but did you know you can multiply the wealth by letting others in on the treasure?

The Evolving Contact Center Supervisor
2020 was a tough year for contact center supervisors. While the quick shift to work-from-home was a shock to almost every level’s work routines, no role has transformed as much as that of the frontline supervisor.

Network and technology glitches aside, contact center agents can perform the majority of their tasks as well at home as they do on-site. After all, agents are used to interacting remotely with customers. Supervisors, however, had to travel a more difficult road. Many have been trained in line-of-sight management techniques that are incompatible with the remote-work environment.

Strategies for Promoting Contact Center Value and Visibility
Contact center leaders must take charge of the inevitable transition to positioning the center as an enterprise strategic asset rather than a factory-like, back-room operation. The identity of your contact center in the enterprise is undeniably linked to how others see you—or perhaps don’t see you at all. The contact center’s value is inextricably tied to the management of your enterprise-wide visibility.

How Your Contact Center Agents Can Drive More Revenue
I read recently that computer scientists in Dartmouth, N.H., defined artificial intelligence 66 years ago as “making a machine behave in ways that would be called intelligent if a human were so behaving.” I’m less surprised by the definition and more surprised at the time frame. To think that AI conversations began more than six decades ago! And now, we’re having conversations globally about AI technology replacing human workers. While AI excels at many things, I don’t think it can ever replace the experience of genuine human interaction.

Low-Code/No-Code AI-Enabled Chatbots
When the world went rapidly digital, customer engagement solutions such as intelligent virtual assistants (IVAs) became invaluable pandemic frontline first responders in the customer service realm. Today, IVA technology is revolutionizing how customer service is delivered and is changing the game for many organizations as they strive to come back stronger in the post-pandemic era with a renewed focus on customer experience and engagement.